Online not working - fixed

Online is not available, again, just me or other issue ?

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Me too

I can enter with my first online character, but not the second, and getting “Online is not available check the forums” error message.
Restarted multiple times.
Was playing the second character this morning though.

Same prob here :cry: from france btw

just keep trying to connect it works after a few times

This is the latest from the LE Discord on this subject:

Additional updates will likely be posted there.

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Well thank god you are here to let us know on the official game forums.

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Yeah, I’m equally surprised this information didn’t get echoed across these forums, Steam, and Reddit as well.

Yeah, it’s actually starting to really irritate me a great deal. I just made a Feedback and Suggestions post about this issue of not having “actual” LE news and posts on the “official” forum.

There’s no reason a player should have to go chasing down a number of other sites that are not related to LE just to find out what’s going on with LE.


u mnie też problem z logowaniem ale dobrze że już coś z tym robią

You’re right. I was surprised too to not see anything about the next update, this forum seems dead.

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Be sure to check Discord for patch notes as well?

All the major information (including patch notes) for the upcoming patch will be posted here first and then linked in the discord so you can check in either location.


The error message is a bug.
It should read “Online is not available, ask AndrewTilley”