Online Multiplayer Lagging with 42 ping

Whenever I use my abilities in Online Multiplayer, there is about a quarter second delay before the ability actually casts, even though my ping is only ~40. My brother who also plays the game and lives in the same house as me has no issue with lag. In offline mode, everything feels smooth and there is no lag. Movement does not seem to be affected by this issue, only abilities.

I have tried re-installing, restarting my computer, using a different network. The issue still remains. Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know a possible fix? Any advice would be appreciated.

This is what my game looks like, its a bit hard to see in the video. My Shift skill has a brief pause before going off, same with shuriken. It feels like a ping issue, although my ping should be fine and shows 42ms.

Last Epoch Lag Example - YouTube (this one shows the ping)

Thank you!


yea I have the exact same issues, slow unresponsive skills. Offline plays like a dream. Did you ever work it out or maybe its the same for most people? 21MS on EU and feels like 300+

Insane lag. Before patch 9.c. & d. I had lag, but it was tossing me into Asia. Now. It’s saying Im in Australia (which I am) ping bar doesn’t change from the pale blue? of low ping. Yet, I get frame stop animation if not slide show when trying to do intensive echo’s. This happens solo OR in Multiplayer with a Mate who’s also in Australia. Just seems weird as.

Hey, i have a similar issue, but harder, here is the video : Last Epoch network issue 14/03/2023 9PM report (LE vs POE server) - YouTube

Glad to know I’m not the only one. I made a post as well on the Technical Support forums, no answer yet but I hope this get figured out. Noticeable input delay with only 42 ping in online mode - #2 by bring_the_heat

I’m also on the Australia server, getting a constant 50ms ping but lagging and rubberbanding all over the place. Also playing as Marksman, especially noticeable when using the Shift skill, when picking up lots of affix shards, or having many monsters spawn into the arena.
Load times to get into echos is also seems longer than usual.
It was not like this before 0.9c/d hotfixes.

I have the same issue.
It seems to be correlating with upload spikes. That seems to happen mostly when loading into a new zone or when a lot of mobs are spawned.

Offline so far I’ve had no problems. Zone transitions are a lot faster as well.

Same issue, i’m on the Australia server and I have 20ms ping, offline the game runs smooth, online I have input delay similar to 200-200ms ping, and some inputs dont register properly, ive had severe issues with Warpath not turning off, or the animation continuing after it stops, neither of these happen in offline play.

Here you can find many related issues: network-lag-issues-megathread