Online is unavailable

Got this message and my friend as well cant play any fix soon?

Same here. An official update would be nice, though I am sure that EHG is trying everything to get this solved.

Yah, i got this message as well.

Same issue for me.

Posting this for transparency:
According to Reddit there are some issues related to Matchmaking going on, which cause delays to be able to login and to play online.

The internal team is working hard to provide a solution.

They’re aware. This is expected from a new major release, especially for an indie team launching an online feature to thousands of players.

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Damn, can’t even access the profile stuff on the site so I can start downloading the game.

hello everyone, if there is any admin that looks at the thing about entering the game because it won’t let me play in multiplayer

Yes, of course they are looking into it. Be patient: Matchmaking Issues - Delayed Login or Online Play Unavailable

Heh, played for 30 min, exited to check out my offline characters and cannot enter the online one.

I restarted and… 2907 in a queue that doesn’t advance.

I think that it is for launch day.

iam 4893.
shouldent have logged out.
it dropped 1 in 10 min.

Oh it seems they got rid of the stand alone client anyway lol, time to see if the account migration is still working.

I dont even have queue, still the error message Multi. is unavailable

i get the same message. very frustating, since i only play together with my wife. So we can’t play at all.