Online Character Slots Increasing

We have 20 online character slots.
In the 1.0 launch we will have more character slots, but It would be nice to have in the store the possibility of buying slots. So, people who create lots of builds are not restricted by a hard limit.

This might be of interest.

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Thanks for the reply. I was not aware of the information from that link. It is very nice to know.

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That doesn’t actually invalidate the OP post, though. Regardless of having more slots, for some people that will not be enough. They will still want more. Whether it’s because you’re a streamer and you’re constantly creating new builds or because you’re a theorycrafter and want to try things out, some people will always be at the limit slot.

Regarding buying character slots for real money, I personally have absolutely no problem with it. It’s not p2w, since you don’t get any inherent power or advantage over others that don’t buy it. And, as long as EHG keep the character slot at a reasonable number for the rest of us, it will be an added revenue for them. Win-win in my book.

Never said it invalidated, I said it might be of interest. He seemed to be interested in it.

As to actual purchasing. I can’t find it now and maybe @AndrewTilley has a link but I’m pretty certain there have been a number of dev comments that said they will never charge for storage space or character slots. But, that said, they also usually end things with “that could change but at this time we don’t anticipate it.”

I’m pretty certain there will be a point where they have to say ‘no more’ anyway. Much like with storage space. Currently the max is like 200 tabs (I think?) and part of that is for load/stress issues? Plus the gold sink is high. They might implement something similar for character slots, by using in game currency though.

I didn’t mean to say you meant it as a rebuttal, it’s hard to convey tone on the net :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, there will always have to be some hard cap due to performance issues. But I wouldn’t be opposed to something like 40 max slots being 30 free slots + 10 bought ones. As I pointed out, there is no inherent advantage in having more slots as long as the other players have enough slots of their own. You might argue the balance of free/bought slots but I don’t think there is really any argument against it. It’s just up to the devs what they want to do. That is my opinion anyway :slight_smile:

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Yeah, and I probably could have pulled the stick out of my butt before replying. :rofl:

I think if they do something like this it’ll be an in-game currency. I still feel pretty sure I’ve read somewhere they don’t want to make stuff like this ‘real-currency’. I think the only real-currency stuff is going to be all the purely aesthetic stuff for the fashionistas, of which I must confess, I will be the heck out of that stuff both for the personalization and to support them.

No worries, all is good. From what I can see the community here is pretty positive as a rule. I don’t usually see any flame wars or anything, which is a great and rare thing.

I have also spent a lot of money on MTX i nPoE. There were about 4-5 leagues I’ve played pretty much non-stop before I burned out and I always started with a supporter pack on each. I’m pretty sure I’ve ended up spending something around 300-500€. I can easily see myself doing that on LE as well. Especially if they implement skill MTX. I’ve never really cared much for the equipment ones, but changing the skills was always fun.

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If you look at the Appearance tab at the very bottom they have slots for skills. So I think this is ‘planned.’

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Noo. Keep real money purchases to Cosmetics Only.
This game has a high initial pricetag therefor it would be super unethical to charge for things like stash tabs and character slots.

If the original game was free than buying stash and slots would be acceptable. don’t ruin a fantastic game that definitely can compete with Path Of Exile 2 and definitely blow Diablo 4 out of the water. Don’t make this a terrible cash grab game. Stick to cosmetics.