One time protection against missing an echo reward due to death

How about something you can purchase (or use straight up gold, but it could get weird with factions, idk) so you can use in an echo to prevent losing a reward if you die in it?

Making it usable only once in an echo would make it not so cheap. Also it probably should be kinda hard/expensive to aquire, so maybe using favor instead of gold, or something.

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So you would buy an expensive / farm a hard to find item to avoid losing a reward node that will likely spawn 10 minutes and 5 nodes later?


Good constructive counter point! So yeah, maybe not so expensive or hard to find them. But I find the idea of having a one time protection against dumb deaths something that could be explored.

I don’t really care about this as I only play hc, but I want to point out that something like this existed in PoE and was afaik well perceived by the community. Such an item could not only prevent you to lose rewards from death but could have potentially many other interesting effects.