One player repeatedly stuck infinite loading when trying to change zones

Me and my friend have been trying to play this game for the past couple days and this bug is making it essentially impossible.

Every ~10 minutes, maybe once every three or four times we change zones, one person is able to and the other isn’t. The person who isn’t will have the ‘teleporting to XXX’ message on their screen with the little loading circle, is still able to move around and attack/kill mobs in the original zone, but… never loads in to the new zone, no matter what. Opening a portal and clicking on it just closes the portal, you can’t teleport to your party - you’re just stuck in that zone until you exit the game, wait a minute, re-launch and rejoin.

It happens consistently to both of us no matter who joins what game, happens across multiple zones. It’s not getting stuck on the loading screen itself, it just never launches that screen for one person. The other zones fine, and the person who gets stuck switches.

Anyone else experiencing this?

I’ve experienced it and I was able to open a town portal and click around until I was able to return to town, then I portaled back to my party. It’s super inconvenient though.

How long did that take you? We let it spin for 10 minutes once just to see - including running back to where we zoned in, portal, etc. If there’s a specific trick to get it to load, would love to know!

I noticed that I was still at the loading screen but my character was loaded in when my friend and wife confirmed my character was moving when I clicked around the loading screen. So using my wife’s screen next to me, I pressed T to open the portal the navigated my way into it. From there it was the typical 20-30s to load into town, and another 20-30s to load back into the zone with no issues.

You could probably hit the town portal with blind luck, or ask your friends to guide you like a trust exercise.

Ah cool! Sounds like we’re talking about different bugs - I dont get stuck on the loading screen, the loading screen never appears for me. It just has the little text in the top middle that says ‘loading xyz’, but I can still see and control my character in the zone Im in - it just never transitions, regardless of interacting with portals/zone changes/etc

Good to know there’s a solve if i run in to yours though!

The same thing has happened to me and my friend group. We’re often not able to even load back into the characters once they get stuck in the ‘entering zone’ mode. After logging into the game, we’re met with the ‘connecting’ and it just sits there until eventually that message disappears and we’re left on the character selection screen.

We estimate it has something to do with the instance creation cause it seems to happen most often when multiple of us are reaching the zone transition at the same time. As such, we have started a new system. One player will go the zone entrance and load in, once loaded in, the others either follow one at a time, or use the portal to go right to the other player.

Oh, that’s my mistake, I’ve encountered your bug as well and the only solution I’ve found is the same. Log out and back in.