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One liners happen too often and bosses talk too much

I don’t know how to call these.
The acolyte says “feel my wrath” randomly when she casts spells. Sometimes she says it when she casts town portal.
Maybe add a trigger such that these lines only happen when a given number of monsters die to one hit.
But definitely don’t let it happen when a tp is cast.

Bosses also chat a little too much during fights.
It gets repetitive quickly.

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The worst fight for the boss talking too much is the Harton and Zerrick fight in the monolith.


There is already an option to remove the voice the player character does, on “errors” such as cooldown or out of mana.

Bosses (for the most part) do use voice lines as audio cues for abilities. There are a couple of older bosses where it does not really apply and they just talk randomly though.

Yeah, I look for the option to mute my character and found the error message mute.

I didn’t realize the bosses used those as sound cues.
Maybe this particular encounter was annoying - specially since there were two.
I don’t remember their names.
One is a maggot that uses lightning and you fight in front of the emperor.

That is the Harton/Zerrick fight I mentioned above.

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This fight has to be the worst audio-wise. They spam their lines the whole fight and I think it’s Zerrick that groans nonstop while calling you “mortal”. Maybe dial that one back a bit