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Old Supporter Packs

Hi all,

I haven’t visited for a while and noticed that there are now new supporter packs. I cannot remember what I paid for and cannot find a reference to the old packs in my account settings or on the site. Would any one have a link to what the older packs included?

Thanks, Dobs.

The Pathfinder pack included the following;

  • Pathfinder forum badge
  • Digital copy of Last Epoch at release
  • 350 Cosmetic Points ($35 Value)
  • Exclusive Sylpine in-game pet
  • Last Epoch soundtrack by Rob Benson
  • Exclusive in-game character portrait tier 1
  • Beta test access

We’re looking into the possibility of having supporter packs from previous series viewable somewhere on our website. Currently there’s only one set of old packs - and as they can be viewed on our KickStarter page, it isn’t currently a priority for us.

Thank you Sarno, I totally forgot to check Kickstarter.

No problem.

Thanks for supporting us!

Old supporter packs are also documented on the wiki:

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