OK, so I'm confused, we HAVE to use Steam?

I can’t access beta now through the launcher, so I figured OK I’ll go through the steam process. But, when you try to account sync, it says it’s not affiliated with this game, etc. and when you log in to steam it brings you back to the game site. Am I missing something??

Seems to be broken right now for everyone

Neither Steam sync nor the launcher appear to be working for most people at the moment. Devs are aware of both issues, say they’re close to fixing the Steam sync issue.

Yea, sorry guys, we’re trying to get both issues fixed. Unfortunately they were each supposed to kinda be a backup for the other.

my alpha launcher just started updating, unfortunately it says 2 days till complete lol , but the fact it started to update is a positive atleast

I managed to get through to the Steam Guard part of the sync process but got this error message after:

Exception Error Message: No OpenID Server found at http://steamcommunity.com/openid

I’ve chatted with one of the devs on Discord, and he can confirm that DEFINITELY you don’t need steam sync in order to play if you have the non steam client

The fact that we, alpha members, using alpha patched client to login, are getting the “No beta access, you need to link your account to Steam” is a BUG for our accounts

So my regular non-steam LE launcher got me into the menu and Im trying to Login - it says only “please wait”.

Whats the Status quo so far ? Still on the Fixing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to clarify, I finally was able to log in via the old patcher so I just quit trying to do the steam sync.

Same here just this second!

Better than I’ve been able to get… my stand alone patches to 10.4% then stops… and wont start again, when I close and start again it downloads to the exact same spot and stops again. Can’t link to steam cause that system is still broken… I refuse to pay 35 bucks for something I already paid 50 for.

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