Offline vs Online, why so different?

So, I have no idea how it works technically, but after trying 0.9 first online, then offline, I am puzzled.

In the past I have played Van Helsing, and Wolcen, in both offline and online modes. And I couldn’t tell the difference in gameplay, it felt like I was playing exactly the same game in any mode, in all details except the obvious lack of grouping or trading options in offline mode.

But in Last Epoch 0.9, I find quite a lot of differences between modes. Small ones, but they add up. Offline, I can use skills in town. My bear can reassign his skill-bar. I can even empty one skill slot if I want. I have a clock. And so on… It feels like an older (better) version, the game as it was before all the bugs were introduced.
And I am wondering why. Is there a technical reason forcing it? Is offline using a slightly older build than online? Or are they trying to make two different games in parallel?
It is strange. But anyway, no matter the reason, I have found online pretty much unplayable (well, just about playable, but not enjoyable at all) while offline is the same good old Last Epoch feeling I remembered. I am not coming back online anytime soon.


Yeah I’ve seen a few comments similar to this, it feels like offline is still a different branch to online, and a load of bug fixes we’ve had in the past, that the bugs for have appeared back in online, are making it very confusing what’s going on

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I lvled my rogue to level 99, then used the offline version to check something, and realized that I could no longer tolerate the online version.

I give up.


Ah ah, that’s exactly how it happened for me too, I was playing online and just decided to log on an old offline character to check a build. But when I noticed how much better the gameplay is I couldn’t go back to my online character. :smile:

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Yes. Single player feels like complete game ready to release and not in beta anymore. Multiplayer feels like game is made week ago and in early pre beta stage.

I’m not at my pc at the moment, but can I assign a skill to my left-click in offline mode? That may be the dealbreaker.

No you can’t. :woman_shrugging:

Since .9 I have been unable to change the left-click mode. However, I have noticed that older characters where I did change that prior to .9, they can still break containers with left-click, while new characters cannot.

Are you sure you want to change your left mouse button anyway?
Years ago I used to move and attack with the same button, but a few PoE monsters kindly explained to me that accidentally attacking them when trying to run away was a Bad idea with a capital B… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You are lucky, I got the Error LE51 and had to delete my steam cloud cache in order to play the game. RIP 500h character with close to perfect gear :smiley: . Doesn’t matter too much though. Give the game some time, after all they are building a multiplayer platfrom from the ground up.

Oh I was actually under the false impression that you can put a real skill there, like Swipe for example. So I actually can’t? My bad then.

Ah ah, I wanted a fresh start even offline so I renamed all my stash tabs “0.8” and bought some brand new ones so I could feel new, without deleting everything in the unlikely event I want to replay an old character someday.

I wouldn’t know, I never tried, as I said I consider “move only” the only viable option, be it real skill or basic attack. Unless you assign a different button to move only I suppose…