Offline player - is Solo CF a bad idea?

I typically enjoy solo self-found characters, because otherwise I eventually end up feeling overwhelmed with so many items for “oh this could maybe be good on so-and-so class of character … some day… maybe…”
But it feels like the grind is a lot grindier in this game. So when I come across a nice unique or exalted on a solo character, I think “oh man I’m missing out on giving this to a new sorcerer” or something, and would have to spend another 30 hours to reach that point on a new character.

Just thoughts.

“A lot grindier” than what? IMHO, it’s worse than Grim Dawn, better than Diablo II and Path of Exile. I guess it really depends on what you want to accomplish. It sounds like you’d be best off with a very restrictive loot filter, so you’re not seeing the FOMO items for another character.

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It is not about CoF, it is about CF - character found

got it

I always loved building a large stash in these kind of games and collect stuff for other characters.

In LE though there are so many exalted items at some point that I felt I need to save, it just got overwhelming.

Then I tried a CF character, and I think it’s so nice to just collect what he needs, filtering out everything else… I would recommend it.