Offline mode during down time

Will offline mode be available during downtime later today untill launch or will the game as a whole be down? I cant be alone with my thoughts for 24hours with launch smiling at me guys ;c

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

Already answered recently, but basically the offline client isn’t fully offline yet, so while the servers are down you can’t login to the game. However, if you were already playing when the servers go down, it’s possible you’ll be able to continue playing.

Big thanks to answer so quick :slight_smile:
No logging out it is.

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Thx !!!

So we can’t play offline.

Well that’s kind of BS. Does that also mean I wouldn’t be able to play if my internet went down? I kind of expect offline play, to, you know, not require online functionality.

It won’t. In fact, the whole issue of cosmetics not being available in offline mode is exactly because players wanted a fully offline client. So after the initial connection for the game, you can then stay offline forever without needing a connection.

They said a fully offline mode is coming in 1.0, so this should be the last time this happens.

You can, you just had to be connected before the login server was taken down.

Which is being added in 1.0