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Official style guides, creation of templates and the like

Is there anyone officially responsible for the wiki, like a supervisor? I like doing Wiki stuff, but I don’t just want to create articles or templates for items if they in turn cause work for other people.

This wiki hasn’t had as much time to mature (rot?) as the PoE-Wiki, for example, and because of that I think it’s important to get things sorted out before there is a huge amount of information on it that later would have to be adapted/ scrapped/ moved.

I created two articles today:

But I feel that looks rather amateurish - compared for example to PoE-Wiki, where you have something like a corporate design for all items.

So… who to talk to about such things?

The wiki’s something I’ve been thinking about. I was going to start working on it, but then the KickStarter began and there was so much happening that it was a bad time for me to take on additional responsibilities. I suppose that excuse isn’t going to work for much longer…

Truth be told, I’m wary of setting a precedent that could cause problems down the line. I do think that the wiki being in a better state could only be a good thing for the community. That said - I am worried that if EHG has a history of working on the wiki then it will be expected that we will continue to do so, and the ideal would be the community gradually taking on the project as it grows in size.

I do have administrative access to the wiki and I’m happy to perform tasks which require that role. My experience with wikis is predominantly with Wikia and independent communities. I haven’t looked into this a great deal, but my understanding of Gamepedia is that they take a conservative approach towards issuing Administrator and Bureaucrat access and are happier doing so for more established communities. This is somewhat new to me; I’m more used to people with those roles being readily available if / when required. It’s possible that if I explained I’m an employee they’d make an exception.

With regard to articles and templates, I might create some basic ones within my userspace and solicit the community for feedback. While I’m at it, I’ll update / improve the main page. I’m not so experienced that I can just sit down and begin writing code - getting the style right will take time and a few iterations. Please understand the time I’m able to commit to the wiki may be limited.

There’s a new #wiki channel in the Last Epoch Discussion section of our Discord.

Hopefully that’ll help to get more community members involved in the conversation.

Yeah, seen it today. Useful. :smiley: