Off Screen Auto-Attacks

Way too many of them, that plus the boost to stun locking now. Constantly being 1-shot now since the .91 update.

You might want to be a bit more specific about that, mono, arena, campaign? Is it with specific mobs?

off screen auto-attacks happen in all areas of the game

It’s not really something I’ve noticed.

Do you know what an auto-attack/off screen attack is? Honest question. Because you can’t play the game without having them happen to you.

The devs even have a thread on this from back when the game first launched; Poorly Telegraphed High Damage Abilities

It’s become pretty widely known that the Devs don’t even play this game. It’s just a relatively well done cash-grab done before D4 releases. If you look at the activity of the forums, leaderboards, etc, you will notice that this game does not retain its player base long term.

If a dev played their own game, they’d immediately realize that many of the shrines in Arenas don’t even work. They’d also realize that Arenas consist of constantly moving in a circular pattern to avoid offscreen shots and super fast mobs swarming you that just spawned.

In addition, any dev playing their own game would realize how utterly horrible the design is to have to do 300+ arena waves over again to try to get a leaderboard run. And you see this reflected in the playerbase. I ran ONE arena today and I died from getting trapped in a corner vs 150 homing shot mobs who literally just spawned with a hasted mod.

Then I saw that I was rank 13 and I didn’t even come close to maxing out. Nobody wants to play arenas.

Relatively done cash grab done befroe D4 releases huh? By that logic, PoE is also, seeing as every league people say the exact same thing, that the devs dont play the game at all and the player base are beta testers for the first month?

There is a lot of hostility there.


I do, and apart from a few specific examples, there aren’t many, certainly not in “all areas”.

Sacred Bloom in chapter 1 is a new one, one of the Lagon mobs likes to do a large lightning aoe from off screen, the siege golem will attack from off screen *if you trigger it then run back", Embermages used to do their meteor from off screen but I’ve not noticed recently.

That’s about all I can think of at ~7:30 am. And all of those have a rather large telegraph (except for the Embermages) for 1-2 seconds giving you time to move.

Plus they aren’t autoattacks, they’re high(ish) damage telegraphed skills that are meant to make you think about positioning and not just snooze through a zone.

The game didn’t launch in 2019… And I’m pretty sure going into a thread without being specific about what mobs are the issue won’t help EHG understand where there are problems. But what do I know.

Yeah, I though the same thing, especially since they have massive retention issues! Their player numbers start dropping off after one week! Don’t they know that proper players only play one game exclusively for all time!


Those starburst-looking ice elementals that fire 10 icicles at you are pretty bad, since they don’t telegraph. The projectiles are moving slow enough though that even from off-screen you should be able to move before too many hit you if you’re paying attention.

You are consistently the only person pushing this narrative. It’s not “widely known” you’re just trying to perpetrate this baseless assumption because you’re angry about certain features and design choices in an early access title.

Again, like over half of your posts are just rude and aggressive. Hostility will gain you nothing, not from the developers and certainly not any favors from your peers.


It’s those new red flower-plant starbust where they cast off-screen, all you see is those green-circle beneath you and having no clue where they are. (This creature seems to be triggered like a screen and half away, don’t know if it’s intended or bug)

Pretty much any range mobs that are constantly casting/throwing non-stop with no-limit range, cooldown and the trajectory speed it travels is way too fast (animation is instant), leaving no much time to react or dodge away from it which results in instant one shot many times.

I’m all for challenges but when you don’t provide us enough time to react, it’s more annoying and frustrating, especially when you encounter these type of mobs 3+ in groups.

Dude, peddle the conspiracy stuff somewhere else. The internet is full of ‘great’ places for you to hang out and share.

Sorry, but this kind of nonsense has zero evidence to back this up except a disgruntled customer that wants to sit around and invent stuff. It’s disingenuous at best.


The game didn’t launch in 2019…


I have only played the Steam version, which launched in… yep; 2019:

Yes, those are AI auto-attacks, that are off-screen.

Good conversation. Have a great rest of your morning, day, or night, or whatever is wherever you are!

Me too & that was the start of the early access period, not amy form of launch. If you check here you’ll see that the earliest patch was Jan 18.

They aren’t auto-attacks. Auto attacks are something that games use as low damage fillers while higher damage attacks are on cooldown (or you’re waiting to get back enough mana/resource). I could even get behind calling the Wengari axe throwers attacks as “auto-attacks” since they’re spammed.

Are they in “every zone” though?

If off-screen attacks aren’t possible then that really limits their space for creature design. I’ve found that ever off screen attack has plenty of telegraph and those that haven’t (embermages) have been adjusted accordingly. Not sure why the hostility. Just provide clear examples of the enemies that are causing you to have frustrations and a developer can reasonably do something about it.


I agree. The only one’s that I really have trouble with are some of the turrets. Mainly the fire ones. Their telegraph is so short you barely have time to react. On tanky characters it isn’t too bad, but on glassier ones that really on buffs it can get dicey with those.

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If you check here you’ll see that the earliest patch was Jan 18.

Cool, so this problem has been around even longer!

I am still trying to understand why every thread gets hijacked in the “Feedback and Suggestion” section. This isn’t general discussion or the opinions of Llama8 section.

Do you work on Last Epoch? If so, then I will DM you everything that is wrong with the game (IMO).

If not, then stop replying to me.

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This is not some general problem. There are many different mob types that were introduced over the lifetime of the game.

Because Feedback & Suggestions means people exchanging opinions as well as people directly give feedback to the devs.
You can’t prohibit people giving feedback on your feedback.
Especially when you were very unspecific or unclear.

If you don’t want to interact with other people just ignore them.

Regardless of if you want people to react to your statements or not it would help tremendously to give specific feedback about certain monsters, attacks, telegraphs or areas where this issue is present for you.

The devs can not really work with unspecific feedback and actually try improving or integrating it.


Feedback and Suggestion sections aren’t personal DMs to the Devs. If that’s what you prefer you could try that, I honestly have no idea if they accept DMs though.

What this section is for is the Devs to get a sense of what is working and what is not. So when a topic is brought up, EVERYONE can join in and add to the SPECIFIC feedback/suggestion in question so the Devs get a clearer picture of whether it is or isn’t an issue or if it is, how low/high priority it might be to ‘fix.’

Not everyone is going to agree with you, in fact, it’s pretty much a given someone will have a different opinion about a suggestion/feedback. If you don’t want to discuss things and just drop your ‘suggestions’ in and move on, I might recommend once you make your post, be sure to turn off notification for that thread. Then you don’t have to worry about it.


At 200 hours of playtime, with a 98 Druid running 220 corruption monos, and 1 of each alt for each subclass in the game… I have never even thought about off-screen attacks, never noticed a problem… When I die its because i stood somewhere I shouldn’t. Not trying to say it doesn’t exist necessarily, but I have never even thought about off-screen attacks until reading this thread lol… 200 hours in to the game.