Observatory access on alt characters

You can join a faction on alt characters in the first town in the campaign, but cant visit the observatory before reaching malejka in act 9. Is this intentional? Shouldnt we have access to the observatory since we can join the faction very early on alt characters?

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I came here from Google looking for the same answer. I got an alt up to 60 right now, first timeline monolith complete, but still can’t get to Observatory, with message that I need to do the campaign. I thought access to monoliths straight away on alts was an implicit campaign skip…?

EDIT: Figured out a workaround; I asked in Global, and someone was kind enough to invite me to their party. They went to Observatory, I could Portal to Player to them directly, I got the waypoint, and now the “Visit Observatory” button is always available. Not sure this is the ideal solution, but…

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Yup, that’s what I do on all alts.

alternatively you can always do a timeless dungeon and there is an exit from the legendary forging thingy room which takes you to the location just before malejka in act 9

After getting TP’d to Observatory directly, I started going backwards in zones while still “technically” in Chapter 3, and just by entering zones and doing nothing I was getting quest completions and passive points and stuff. Overall the whole way that alts are set up to proceed is pretty vague in-game and while I enjoy free passive points for doing nothing, this whole area still feels a bit unpolished.

I hadn’t thought of doing that tbh…

Can you gain favor on alts early doing this? Only have one character rn (lv94 Falconer), but itching to start another.

Yes, you start gaining favour/rep as soon as you join a faction, though you won’t get much in low levelled zones.

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