Numeric inputs not superseeding keybinds

Hi there!

I use a split keyboard for ergonomic reasons, and it’s been working phenomenally for playing the game, as the keybinds are not too overwhelming.

However there’s a single interaction that is incredibly frustrating. I have rebound 1 2 3 4 and 5 for user interfaces commands: Inventory, Passive Grid, Character Sheet, Skills and Map respectively.

The problem shows up when editing a loot filter: Trying to type a number that’s rebound to other interface commands (1-5 in my case) as the Advanced Fields for Affixes (Greater than, etc) causes the whole loot filter interface to close without saving.

Would love to know if this could be fixed. It’s not a massive pain, as I’ll just unbind, edit the filter and rebind the keys as needed but would be a nice detail

Thank you!

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