Null Velocity VK passive: Proc above 0 mana

Detailed description:
Null Velocity is meant to proc when an ability usage results in negative mana, but for me it is proccing regularly above 0 mana. I tested with Erasing Strike, Sigils of Hope and Abyssal Echoes.
My mana: 156
Erasing Strike (85 mana) -
If Null Velocity is off cooldown, it will proc no matter what my mana is after casting ES. I have tested casting from 100% and 75% mana, which leave me positive. If I cast it from 50% or less it procs as expected because I am below 0.
Sigils of Hope and Abyssal Echoes (35 mana) -
I have tested casting it at different mana levels. Full, 120, 100, 70 - does not proc Null Velocity. Being as accurate as I could, it consistently procced from below 70 mana. It also procs as expected below 0 mana.

The screenshot shows the passives, I have 3 points in it. I also tested with all possible amount of skill points, the result is the same.

What were you doing at the time?
Arena when I noticed I often had haste when I didn’t think I had gone below 0 mana. After noticing this I tested standing in town.

How consistently does this happen?
Every time I cast as detailed above.
Operating System:
Windows 10
Diagnostic Files (don’t think it’s relevant to this bug but here they are) (16.9 KB) (20.5 KB)

Update -
I tested this with the Erasing Strike passive “Rythm of the Void.”
Mana cost now 59, total mana 169.
From full mana the first cast does not proc Null Velocity. It still procs above 0 mana, but I have to end up with below a certain amount. I can’t be exact but it seems to be around 1/4. I cast ES at 100 mana and NV would proc, which means I had about 41 mana remaining.

It seems the calculation is possibly working on base mana or something like that? I have 36 attunement which means an extra 72 mana. Although the numbers don’t line up perfectly. Hope this helps.

This has been fixed internally. Thanks for the report!

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