Now a good time for the two of us to start playing LE?

My wife and I have been tracking this game for years. We are veteran ARPG players, having played hundreds of hours of PoE, and just about every other variant in the genre. But we only play together so we’ve been waiting for the multiplayer release. I just peeked in last night and discovered that 0.9 was finally released. Yay.

Is this a good time for us to jump in and learn this game finally? We’re used to early access games (currently playing Sons of the Forest) so we know what comes with that territory. Some early access titles are buggy as hell, others quite polished. I don’t know where this one stands but the two of us would like to start learning the game mechanics. Is the game ready for that kind of experience, or will it be overly frustrating? I’m a patient man, but my wife has less tolerance for bug testing. I don’t want to turn her off to the game.

Another question: how would you folks recommend we get srarted together? Are there some good synergistic character duos we should consider? Neither of us likes playing summoner type characters, typically in PoE we play the left, right and bottom areas of the tree. She favors a ranged or rogue style of play, while I typically go for some kind of hybrid melee caster (e.g., Templar).

Thanks for any insights or suggestions, we are very excited about finally experiencing this game together!


0.9 is about 9 days old now and we’ve had a few hotfix patches already and I expect quite a few more in the next week or two as they iron out the bugs and add the missing MP features still to come.

Generally the game is very playable but it will depend on your appetite for a beta environment, especially with a new multiplayer server environment that will have teething problems.

If you live near a server location (i.e. in a major centre) in the US or EU, then you will probably have a generally good experience with MP.

Offline obviously doesnt suffer from the new online setup (barring some login) but it cannot be played in MP mode so that would not work for you and the wife.

Honestly, you could play right now if you dont mind the beta environment right after a huge patch update, but I would personally wait just a week or two longer for the devs to smooth the MP side of things a little more. Based on your comment about your wife not having a tolerance for bug testing, I’d recommend waiting.

To learn the game, you could definitely play offline if you wanted to but that might spoil the enjoyment of playing together later. I have over 2k hours in the offline game already and its more than playable well into end-game.

There are Marksman (Rogue Ranged) and Bladedancer (Rogue Melee/Ranged) for her and for you, you could enjoy a Void Knight (Armoured Mage basically) or Paladin (Fire & Healing) in the Sentinel group.

Up to you.

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There are not all masteries in and the balancing is wonky sometimes. Outside of this the game works pretty well besides the long loading screens between areas.

I’d say no is a good time to start and get a hang of it.

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Hey there,
The game is relatively playable. There are some more bugs in since the MP launch aince the devs had to change a lot of code to switch to server authoritative environment.

But game play wise the game has never been better. I’m a long time player and didnt play that much in the past few months as I was kind of burned out.

But since MP launch I’m playing a lot and also enjoy the game very much.

It’s possible that you don’t encounter that many bugs or that you accidentally stumble upon something broken.

Nothing gamebreaking for me personally until now. But there are reports of rollbacks, lost characters, lost stash and problems with zoning in party play (people get loaded into different instances of the map at transition and have to manually regroup).

If you decide to play, there’s not really a necessary combo or class synergy stuff you need to lean towards. I’d say, just play the archetype that suits each of you the most.

If you play a brawler and your wife plays ranged, this already is a good combination.

Hope you’ll enjoy your time.

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Thanks for the prompt and informative replies, they were very encouraging!

We are going to give it a go. Is this something we should be able to just jump right into, or would you recommend we watch some YouTube “getting started” videos first? On that note, are there some good content creators out there for me to track for ongoing guidance as we get further into the game?

Thanks, folks, I can tell already that this is going to be a great community.

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Jump right in. No need to watch a vid or find a build guide.

edit: you can find guides here on the forum for help later or just ask, someone will usually offer advice.

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I watch a lot of guides about games I play. But I don’t watch videos right before I start a new game. Usually I play some hours of the new game unspoiled. And then, when the questions pile up, I check YouTube for answers. So from my point of view, I’d recommend doing it the same way :laughing:. But that’s my way to enjoy stuff. Can’t really give a recommendation. Maybe this is not for you. So I’d guess you have to decide this yourselves.

In case you want to watch stuff before going in, id recommend this video from PoE streamer Zizeran:

For specific guides on builds and game mechanics, I’d recommend sticking to the experienced veteran LE creators. There are a bunch of popular streamers that joined the LE ranks with MP release. But from what I’ve heard so far they spread some misinformation as they don’t really know stuff and often assume that things work the same in LE as in the games they come from.

For LE creators I’d recommend McFluffin, Lizard, PerrythePig and Dr3adful.

And of course

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Welcome to the LE Community @Regnor (& Wife) :stuck_out_tongue:

Absolutely not, just jump right into it and give it a go.

One of LE’s strongest selling points IMO is, that you can absolutely jump into it blindly, while still enjoying and understanding most parts of the game.
You can basically make anything work without planning your build out into the greatest detail in advance.

It is very easy to experiment and test out different things.

In case you do hit a brick wall, you can still look up some guides, since respeccing is very easy and fast.
The only thing that is no respeccable is the Mastery, so choose wisely.

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I will echo what Heavy said: the best part about Last Epoch is that you can try anything you like, completely wing it, and still manage to progress and reach the endgame.
The campaign and early endgame is easy enough that anything can take you through it.

I would even go one step further: with a group of two people, the game might be TOO easy to be fun if you follow an optimised build from the start, and it might spoil your experience.
Keep that for your second or 25th playthrough! For the first one, I believe it will be much more enjoyable if you discover by yourself. :wink:


Hi guys, thanks for the many replies and advices, I’m Regnor’s wife and we just started playing the game and having a good time with it. I like the idea of just jumping in so we gonna do that and after a while maybe we will look up some builds or something.

When we played Path of Exile we always got to the maps and got to the red maps but usually petered out around then, not very many builds carried us to the endgame. But we got good at making builds and eventually figuredit out. From what I’m reading here, just about any build will take us through the endgame, is that for real?

Question: When I first launched the game it asked me for my display name, I accidentally misspelled my name and now in game I have to run around with that stupid misspelled name over my head, and Reg has to see it too. It’s driving me nuts, how do I change that?

Thanks guys for the nice welcome, this looks like its going to be fun!


I was just scoping out my wife’s account name issue and I don’t see a way to change her display name. In fact, I see many complaints from people who are frustrated that they can’t change their name. So I noticed there is an option to Delete her account. Big warnings that it’s permanent etc., but as far as I can tell, that’s her LE account, not her Steam account, so deleting that should be ok. She just created it this morning so it’s not like she has much investment in it now.

Is that possibly a way for her to fix her name issue? Create a new account and correctly type in her display name this time (lol).

OUCH! She slapped me. Ok, anyway, thanks for any advice or suggestions.

I think you can write a support ticket to change your name. But it might take some time


Jump right in and stay away from build guides. Finding stuff out on your own untill you understand the game is 3/4 the fun. If you have any questions use the ingame guide. The guide is pretty good andcovers almost everything so you are able to do everything on your own.

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FYI, my wife was able to delete her LE account and create a new one with the correct name, so that worked. I deleted my starting character so we will just restart and take it from there.

Please tell me it was “Regnor’s Wife”?

I wish my wife liked gaming.

A good husband would have misspelled his own name on purpose to make you feel better.
Shame on you, Regnnor!

[This account name permanently over our heads is really, really stupid.]

But I had already created my character when she misspelled hers! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. :wink:


If you’re married, you know that doesn’t matter. You should have asked support to change your account name to support your wife.


I love the game, and hate to be “that guy”, but i would wait.
The more i play the current release (0.9e as of this time) the more problems i seem to be finding.

there are many, small, very annoying issues.

EHG has their work cut out for them.

i’d give it a little bit longer for some of the more serious bugs to get fixed.

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