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UPDATE 04/12/2019
-dropped Holy Aura for Ring of Shields
-passive tree changes
-new video guide!

Hey folks!

This is my fourth Last Epoch build and the most levelled character to date as well. 86+ and still going. A resemblance of a Hammerdin from Diablo 2 and 3. Strong and effective!
There are plenty of “Hammerdin” builds out there and there will be billions more as time goes by.

After certain amount of testing i came up with an unorthodox way to play it, by using the unpopular Avatar of the Spire node, throwing 9 hammers at a time in a nova. It is much faster for clearing all content, yet also comes with some cons as well. Everything is in the VIDEO, so check it out!

Finished at 125+ waves for now and died to a classic one-shot explosion. I just don’t like Arena and honestly ain’t gonna push unless some checkpoint system is introduced. Monoliths are endless at this point.

This build utilizes Hammer Throw skill as a main damage dealer as well as multiple buffs and debffs.

What are the pros of using Avatar of the Spire?

  1. 9 hammers thrown in a nova per attack. Reliably hits almost everything on screen
  2. much faster for clearing all trash monsters and not-so-tanky rares, because projectiles reach monsters faster and deal damage / per attack faster


  1. Urzil’s Pride is required if you want to invest into full dps mode with both Orbit+Spiral and Enra’s Technique. Hard to maintain mana and to mindlessly spam skill
  2. Less boss damage, because your hammers hit less often at close range, compared to spiraling ones
  3. leech rate against bosses is also much lower. With Nova you hit once per attack, with Spiral your hammers can hit multiple times per “rotation”.

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UPDATE 04/12/2019
-dropped Holy Aura for Ring of Shields
-passive tree changes
-new video guide!

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