Notes from my first character, lvl70 necromancer

(I am sure most of these have been posted before as I am a relatively new player. If that is the case, please consider my repetition of these points to be an additional vote for their importance and not trying to relitigate a topic everyone is tired of.)

  • I think minions should run in the location of the cursor when I am moving, not just following my character. Trailing behind me is useless cause a necro has 0 ability to tank and yet, in this configuration, is constantly taking point. I should not have to use the A button at all in regular non-boss encounters cause its just a bother and not part of any strategy beyond compensating for detrimental minion behavior that could be solved if they were in front of f me like a Diablo 3 necro’s horde.
  • What is with all the fire-specific uniques? I have found almost 2 dozen unique and set items and only 1 has been even remotely useful to my necrotic necro and that was just boots that give you ward. Massive collection of worthless uniques makes it really unexciting to see that red/green beam appear.
  • One of the avian enemies has an attack effect with a tall red vertical beam that looks like a unique drop, may want to change that.
  • Getting one-shotted at the beginning of a boss battle I spent 20 minutes getting to is a supremely bad feeling; Not motivating or humbling, just bad - like the game just wasted my time. Boss battles in this game are generally not fun as they involve about 85:15 ratio of running-around to actually fighting or using cool abilities. I’d much prefer an opportunity to do real damage after a challenging mechanic but instead its just waiting for the next one while taking little pot shots in between. On the fuzzy spectrum between intense+engaging and stressfull+chore, i’d say these fights are too far toward the later. These games are played for the dopamine-hit of doing damage to things; There is no such motivation for just moving-out-of-the-way a thousand times.
  • Do minion perks that reduce/limit your max to a set number at least increase that minion’s power by some fraction proportional to the number of that minion that you COULD have had? Or does taking that perk make all the max-minion increases worthless? If its the later could it be the former please?
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Interesting feedback, thanks for sharing.

I started a Necromancer and also didn’t feel comfortable with it, the trailing spirits are pretty much useless.

Which ones?

A necro is a glass cannon; if you look at the necro tree, there is almost zero in the way of defense (and what defense is there is more like a speed bump). A necro has to be a commander to some degree; you let the fodder run in and do it’s thing, while you hang back and hide. It’s not exciting but played correctly it can be very effective.

As for the minion max, which are you talking about? I don’t think I’ve seen anything that directly changes a minions power based on the number of minions but it does implicitly e.g. if you have wraiths and don’t get the permanent shades node, then those points you don’t spend on permy shades (and/or +heatlth before it) can be instead spent on e.g. +crit, boosting the shades power. Generally with shades you have to determine if you want perm shades or summon lots of them; other summons don’t have options I don’t think, it’s either 100% perm or 100% summon.