Not worth it, nobody listens, nobody cares

not worth it, nobody listens, nobody cares

Can you pick them up by running over them? Are you only experiencing this issue with a particular build or all builds? I assume you’re not at your max potions/hp already when trying to pick them up?

NOPE, ran back and forth, clicked RIGHT ON the item text, nothing. Tried several times; the wave phase somehow bugged out the PICK. Did Lagon 3x yesterday, every time, same issue

I’ll try & give it a go after work with an Exsanguinous build.

I tested campaign Lagon with an Exsanguinous-based Lich & the potions were picked up as I would expect them to, so I have no idea why it’s not for you.

started all-new Primal Crows, same issue, potions in wave/tent phase will NOT pickup (I’m not full lol)

Are they too close to Lagon to pick up?

No it’s in the tentacle phase

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