Not possible to Theorycraft?

Hi guys,

I apologize in advance if I am missing something. I just got the game and want to try and plan out my character. But the wiki is very out dated, which isn’t the dev’s fault. But is there really no way for me to look at the augment trees of skills that I don’t have unlocked yet?

I’m planning a paladin, but if I don’t have the skill unlocked (Holy Aura), I can’t figure out how to check the augment tree, let alone I don’t even know if the skill has one, other than reading each patch notes to see if one was added.

I’m curious as to how this still isn’t implemented yet as it seems to be the games selling point… Making fun builds

If there is something I am missing I would greatly appreciate it being pointed out.

I am not one to cheat in games as I feel it spoils the fun, but right now [post moderated —Sarno]

I understand that this is still in “beta” (alpha?) but this seems like a fundamental piece of information, and the amount or work/coding to implement it is trivial. Literally just add all the skills that a base class could access to the skill page… Just like the base skills, leave it grayed out if you haven’t unlocked it yet, but at least give the players the ability to view the augment trees.

As mentioned above, I’m not one for cheating, I love these types of gaming for building characters. [post moderated —Sarno]

Once again, if I’m wrong, great! Please educate me on how to find this information myself, other than level each character and respec a ton of times to see each skills augment tree (if there is one) and having to take photo’s and record everything so I’m able to actually plan something.


That’s the response I get from a moderator? I specifically mentioned that I don’t agree with illegitimate game options, but then get hit with a warning on the forums…

Put the damn information in the game so that players don’t have to try and find information out other ways.

I would have even respected a reply saying, " Please don’t make posts about XXX but we are aware of the lack of information and are working to get it out to the players. Or even, we have chosen this route for xxx reason."

Instead I get a lack of answer and a very off putting feeling after trying to deal with the community for the first time. So much for the, “Pay extra to be apart of the development!”

We don’t have the ability to easily do this in game at the moment. I know it seems “trivial” but it’s a little more complicated than you might think. We are a very small team and we need to prioritize what we work on.

It is something that we will be doing but we plan to take it a little further and do it all at once. We have plans to be able to map out your build in game. This is an in depth system that requires a lot of development time. If I were to take that on for a patch, it would probably mean that no new skills or trees were added that patch. Right now, we’re focusing on keeping the content flowing.

As you said yourself, this game is in beta. Not all QoL features are in the game yet. They are coming.

Also, while it was a mild version of it, you did literally break the code of conduct regarding promotion of cheats.

Well, I appreciate the reply. I wanted to make sure there wasn’t something that I was missing.

I know that you are planning a in game resource page of sorts (like in civ 5) but what I was getting at is the current “Skills & Specializations” page, when you press “s”.

You already have the coding done, the menu and all the base work. All that needs to be done is attach the other skills that are unlocked from the mastery classes. I’m not going to sit here and try to tell you how you use your time, but I doubt that adding others to the already existing menu will take that much. It’s basically just copy and pasting…

Hell, all the skills already work in that menu, as long as they are unlocked. (Except the base class skills, those show up properly, even if they aren’t unlocked yet. Just add the few extra skills mastery skills to the same page.)

In terms of quality of life, I totally understand. I agree that QoL shouldn’t be high on your list of priorities. But I don’t feel this is a QoL issue. I feel this is simple a “MISSING” feature, imagine if you couldn’t “preview” the masteries, that you had to spec into to even be able to see the passives. Don’t forgot that one of the biggest reasons people play these types of games is to make their build. Right now your players are in the dark.

That is how it feels to me. I totally understand that it’s my opinion, but I feel that I am trying to help/improve the game. And by giving you this feedback, it is very valuable; because I am a brand new player. The guys on this forum that have been around for awhile, and will continue to stick around because they love the game, or at least what it can be. But these “regulars” already have a different point of view. They are ok with the lack of “this or that”, because they are use to the current state, and can “overlook” issue because they see other good in the game.

But from a business point of view, it’s important to also consider, “How does someone who just started our game feel?” Because they are your “new” customers, and they are ultimately the biggest part of growing your business.

This was a long rant I guess. Triggered by the initial “code of conduct” breach. I also don’t remember “promoting cheating”, I specifically said I was against it. I was merely asking if there is any LEGIT way to have access to the basic game skills. That could also have been handled differently. I suppose if it was a bot I’d understand, but it was clearly done by a person, who also refused to answer the question…

Any ways, don’t take this as hate or disrespect. I wouldn’t bother coming to forums merely to complain. My intend was to ask if I am missing something (which I was not) and to also provide a suggestion. (Use the existing skill window to show all the skills).

And I’m not sure the state of the forums in the past, maybe there was an on going issue with breaking the code of conduct, but as a customer service tip, I’d at least try to be a little more personal with the player base when handing out violations, it’s a small community.

It’s easy to say, " Hey dude, thanks for supporting us! The only way to currently see the skill’s augment tree is if you have it unlocked. We are planning an in game guide at a later date that will include that though. The mention of cheats is not permitted in the forum, please review our code of conduct before posting. Thanks!"


I know exactly what you’re asking about. We are planning on creating a system by which you can select each skill you plan to use in your build, do hypothetical skill point allocations as though you were at whatever level you want. This system would also include passives and hopefully also gear. Basically a theorycrafting mode. I’m sure you can think of a certain third party program for another ARPG that does this very well.

You are absolutely right that being able to preview skill trees is a missing feature and we want to add it. It’s just not easy. If I could toss this in over my morning coffee, I would.

We do appreciate you coming to the forums to leave the feedback and we haven’t discounted it at all. In fact, before I replied the first time, I added a note on my todos to try and work out a quick way to add a basic version of this if I can.

The code of conduct violation was very minor and it’s not like you’re on some naughty list or anything. I get the intent by what you were asking and I think it just came off a little like - I don’t want to cheat but it feel like you’re leaving me no choice. I can’t really speak for Sarno but I suspect that what caught his eye was asking for help with cheating.

I don’t want to use much more of your time, I just wanted to say thanks!

You have not only,
Answered my question, both directly and indirectly
Acknowledged my concerns in a professional and polite manner
Informed me of the current state, as well as future plans
Potentially apologized/explained the code of conduct infraction, while defending your co-workers decision (which is important to stand united)

But, above all of that; you’ve actually made me feel better about the team developing this game. I was very skeptical about buying this, but this interaction has made me feel much better about my purchase.

(Now if I could only see those skill trees so I could plan my build…)

I’ll just suffer with the rest, I’ll be back, with a higher level paladin.


Thanks bud :smile: I look forward to further feedback on your experiences.

Not much more the developer can say other than this will be added in the future, seeing as the game is in beta. At least it’s an acknowledged issue. We need the crazies like Drows to come out of the wood work at this early state and give long rants as much as possible.

You got to love this staff Nice work Mike

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Hm leveling in LE is pretty easy so far and I think the best way to test stuff is to play the game. Sure I get it not everyone has the time to play a lot but things come togheter rather quickly after the first few 50+ chars.

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