Not getting quest completion for Yulia in Heoborea

So I had a friend carry me by rushing me/porting me to arena and I’m going back and trying to collect all my idol slots by finishing campaign quests. Unfortunately Yulia won’t spawn in Heoborea because of this and thus I can’t get those idol slots. As a necro build, I get a lot of dmg for my minions in idol slots, so until this gets fixed, my build is pretty nerfed.

Could you post a screenshot of your current Quest Objectives? Any related to this Chapter would be helpful.

screenshot of objectives

Grael is there, but no Yulia despite marker blinking where she should be.
I was able to do Deep Harbour just fine, but Yulia doesn’t spawn for Rahyeh’s Warpath and path to Heorot to finish stolen lance quest doesn’t open up

Gotcha, thanks for the additional info.

Hello, I am also having this issue. I went back through and did the whole campaign up until this point and she still isn’t there. The screen shot above is the exact same as mine.