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Not Enough Disk space

Hello, every time i try to update the launcher it says i don’t have enough disk space, even though there are 49 gigabytes free!

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Unfortunately the launcher will check the disk space on C no matter what right now. If you put the launcher on another drive it will install the game to that same folder but it will still check C for space. We’re working on it but for now the only (unfortunate) work around is making room on the C drive so it can check for space and then putting stuff back on C after it’s done. The patcher itself is still being developed too.

The game should be looking for about 32gb of space.

So, it worked now, by moving the game to another hdd, but it’s stuck now at 62.6%.

Nevermind, it works again…

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I just figured out one reason for this error. (At least on Linux.) It will gives this error if the directory the launcher is installed into has spaces in it.

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