Not connecting scream char selection

Dear all friends
good day ,

I’ve I try to logi in few minutes ago, but no success, might also you have this problem ? This start happen after I have done the updated.

Link with print screan about the problem connection.


Right after downloading the update, I was able to log in to several of my old characters, I ran a couple of monoliths, and a lightless arbor dungeon with no issues there. After closing the client and reloading, now I cannot log in to my old characters whatsoever.

Issues I noticed when I WAS logged in;

Rubberbanding in End of Time area
Teleporting now takes several more seconds than it used to
Disappearing stash bug is back, if you teleport to EoT and run straight to stash.
(it fixes if you wait a second, close stash, and reopen)
Also I might be crazy but it feels like gold pickup radius is smaller than 0.9

Just figured I’d add my 2cents

So, summaring, to connect now will be only creating another new char after the update ??? :frowning_with_open_mouth:
About the old char wich i’ve playing isn’t work any more ?

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