Noob question on Blessings

New player here, i tried googling this and it didn’t really return any good results unfortunately.

I have gotten to the monolith of fate, and ran the first set of echos twice, to open up the 62 and black sun Monolith. First time it didn’t have the blessing I wanted so I took a placeholder one, and then swapped on the second go round to a different blessing that was on offer that I was actually looking for. However even though I have the blessing active, both it and the one I had previously chosen do not show up as discovered in the list underneath on the Inventory → Blessings screen, they are still greyed out under the Discovered list. Is this normal?

No, that shouldn’t happen, it sounds like a bug though it’s only a display bug since that screen has no impact on the game.

Ok, so its not the intention that you can change your blessings from that screen, and we need to go farm new blessings each time if we want to swap them? In that case I see why you say it is no impact, thank you for the reply.

Correct. The only way to change blessings is to repeat the final boss fight and hope the one you want comes up with a decent roll.

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So I kill the end boss twice to reroll my blessing and got what I wanted and it was almost a perfect roll but my blessing never changed and I still have my old blessing, is this a bug?

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