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Noob Question: How to Create Shadow Clones?


I’m level 30 and I’ve completed Act 1. I have two skills (Shadow Cascade, Skiasynthesis) which both reference creating shadow clones. Problem is, I can’t find anything that let’s me create a shadow clone.

Go easy on me because I’m new here, but how do I create a Shadow Clone?

Theres some of the skills like Shift with passive and Synchronized Strike that makes shadow clones appear…
im sure theres more but i have only just started playing rogue so those is the only sources i know

Shadows are a mechanic in multiple abilities. For majority of the ways to get them you will have to spec into nodes within the ability to access them. I believe Shift, Decoy, Smoke Bomb, Shadow Cascade and Synchronized Strike have access to shadow creation in their trees.

Shift allows you a shadow to appear after you shift.
Decoy has it after it explodes in one of the nodes.
Smoke Bomb allows you a chance to summon them in your cloud if speced.
Shadow Cascade has a node that gives you a chance to proc some when using the ability.
Synchronized Strike is the easiest way, you strike with the default ability and it will summon shadows.

Also a little extra Info (which is also displayed ingame, but missed by alot of players)
You can have up to 3 Shadows at the same time by default.
Bladedancer Mastery gives you +1 max and the last node in the BD Passive Tree gives you +1, so 5 Shadows in total maximum, at the same time.

Also there are a handful more ways to spawn Shadows:
Lethal Mirage has two nodes to spawn Shadows, one leaves a Shadow behin 100% and the other has 5-10% chance, that Mirages stay as Shadows

Dancing Strikes has a node, where the 2nd Strike creates one Shadow

And the most niche one, in case you want to use Shadows for Marksman. Dark Quiver has a node, which spawns 1 Shadow per Black Arrow you pick up.

Hey guys. thanks for the great responses. I now have Shadows on 2 of the skills I’m using, and they pair together quite well! Instead of crowd control skills I’m now using crowd destroyer skills, I really appreciate the insights.