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Noob help with Lich poison

So I’m playing my level 63 Lich based around Harvest, Lich form and Aura of decay.
I got lucky enough to get a plauge bearer staff, so My dps is good overall.
My problem is currently due to my EHP and resistances. I’m having trouble upgrading my gear so I’m still under 1K hp and I can die quite easily.
Any good tips to farm items? when I do the Monolith, it always drops item for character level 20 to 30.
If I’m lucky I get one for level 61, but its not usable for my character, at least not without spending a lot of forging, which can still be weak if I’m unlucky.

TL.DR: Dps is good, but still too squishy. Is there a good way to get high level items?

Ultimately you just need to keep on pulling that RNG leaver & pick up items with 2-3 useful mods &/or gamble then craft them up to t4/5. Higher level bases are nice.

The best items you are realistically going to get are blues with 2 affixes you want that are already t3 / t4. Anything better is just not going to happen unless you are incredibly lucky. Always check the blues.

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