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Hi guys!

Sorry for posting here but I wasnt sure in which toon subforum to post… .

Could someone please recommend a noob friendly, storngish build to dive into the game, get the hang of it, collect some loot, progress (kind of) smoothly?

Something like an archetypal barbarian (void knight?), mage or ranger? what would give me the easiest start?

Im buying the game 30/4 but with all this mundane stuff i have going on right now I dont have too much free time nowadays to try and experiment with different builds.

I could really use some guidance!

Cheers guys!

I would just dive in. Each class has many defensive passives. Currently coming in at beta there is no true builds yet. Many of the skills are not in yet or are being reworked so at this point things are going to change over and over.

Also you can just play sentinel for now and choose the defensive passives.


Any class can work just fine as long as you common sense, you can also take passives from all 3 advance classes if you want.

Acolyte and Primalist are pretty easy as you get minions to help you get started. Acolyte is horde summoner.

Sentinel taking defensive passives from Forge guard makes for a tanky monster (a lot of bonus armor and block) then you can take extra stuff from void knight or/and Paladin (Paladin new for Beta).

I only played for about a week in the alpha, but I played a little bit of all of them and I like them all at least in the early stages. They seem to all have strengths from what I can tell and I didn’t feel any more powerful at least in the early goings between each of them.

Coming from a 49 year old gamer, I can honestly say that any class will work as noob friendly. I’ve tried a couple and this game really makes you feel heroic regardless of class which I love. You could almost say it’s a faceroll…I hate using that term but here it’s just really cool.

Any class easymodes the story content. Once you unlock your skills, lv them a bit and find some half decent gear the story content mobs are all 1-2 shot dead with bosses maybe few hits. With excellent gear and probably by lv30ish( when you have enough skill points to max out some passives/actives) you’re like god and instant killing everything in story content.

Nobody knows what beta is like but I wouldn’t stress what your first class is. Only advice I can give is if you know you want to play other classes keep gear you find for them, makes lving another character a lot easier when you have strong gear to give it from lv1.

Thank you all guys!

Cannot wait to get home. Its gonna be late today, work u know. but once wife and kid fall asleep I will just diiive in big time :smiley:

@Xulu …42 old gamer here :wink:

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