Noninus’ Void Bow and Light Quiver

Made from remnants held by creatures that fell to the void.
Noninus’ Void Bow
Lvl 100 Void Bow
Not able to be crafted with ascendancy runes.

120 holy bow damage
50 minion void damage
1.4 base attack rate
2% Crit chance

20-30% chance on hit to attract shades that utter curses from the void and then when hit multiply by 100% and attack all nearby monsters.
No cap on numbers of monsters of multiplied shades.
After 32 shades have been summoned, they deal splash damage.
When shades reach over 100 they follow you and deal damage to you until you attack another monster or fire another arrow of light for them to follow.

400% damage effectiveness

Deal no minion damage unless added by gear.
0 cost spell
Tag: Int, void, minion, movement speed
(Movement speed for shades is affected by the multiplier and increases by 400%).

Noninus protected his home at night from the apparitions that aimed to take him with them. May his bow be swift and his arrows never miss and his fateful compromise from the void not consume him.
May his arrows glow like the moon.

Arrows of the Parallel Moon
Lvl 100 Light Quiver
30% chance to multiply arrows on next attack on crit
-5% attack speed per additional arrow.
When you need speed, all you have are extra arrows.

Bag of Winds
Lvl 75 relic
Grants an aura with knock back. 20% chance to knock back on hit. Knock back chance is shared with Allie’s when you target them - lasts 5 seconds.

I drew some art for them too, but I really like the idea of the bow and quiver, thoughts?

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