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No sources of exalted gloves/boots/belts compared to every other slot?

With the introduction of the legendary system, I can’t seem to wrap my head around why there are no monolith nodes/dungeon modifiers for exalted items in these 3 slots?

It is especially painful since the glove/boot slots have very good uniques that could benefit greatly from the legendary system. Is this a design choice for game balance? Or an oversight?

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I think you answered your own question

Belts are too easy to roll, Gloves and Boots arent much harder as they only have 2 ‘dead’ stat which is Armor/Dodge which may not be dead stats to some

If anything the focus should be on Wands/Staffs as they pretty much have zero end game potential than worrying about a belt that can easily get T5HP/T5HP%

I think my original post was a little misleading so I’ve edited it to make it clearer. I’m specifically referring to the lack of ways to farm for exalted items in these 3 slots (as fodder for legendary crafting).

Personally speaking, I have hoarded nearly 20 tabs of exalted items for potential legendaries and out of that 20, I can just barely have 1 full tab of gloves/boots/belts combined.

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wanted to ask same question.
There is no echo rewards with exalted gloves/belts/boots
Seems like a bug

Its completely wrong. There are way more useless or situational affixes on belts

The problem is that if the item doesn’t drop with really good affixes, it isn’t worth using it as a legendary base. It is hard enough getting rare/magics with good affixes. So even if you farmed a lot of exalts you will have difficulty finding ONE that is good.

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