No source of 'Level to Upheaval'

Hey guys,

does anyone know if it is intended that there seems to be no sourve for skilling the level of upheaval? Or is it only missing in the affix lists and databases but still drops? If so on which slot does it drop?

Thanks for any help!

Devs havent added the new skill affixes yet… They mentioned it in one of the posts… Wasnt ready or didnt want +skill affixes involved while the new skills dropped… something on those lines…

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Tbh, I don’t get this reasoning. The best time to use a skill is when it is newly introduced. Then you realized that there is no equipment/idol built towards it and it became stale after a while. A released skill that does not have its accompanying supplemental item feels incomplete.

On a similar line on the unique. Like I have tried javelin built last patch and its unique only released this patch. I don’t have the motivation to re-play javelin again this patch and grind mono with it, repeating what I had done last patch. The tedium. At most it is trying out the new equipments for a few mins.

That’s not correct, they just didn’t have enough time since they were busy reworking the dungeon.

Sad to hear they are not ingame yet. But it is hard to believe that at least implementing + skill level affixes would have taken much (or even any) time. Granting levels to skills should be implemented fairly general int he current game. Only thing to consider is the item it should be on.
For the idols I can understand that reasoning since they are often very creative.

Do you think we will see these affixes before the next big patch?

PS: Great to see that you still around here LLama :slight_smile:

They were focused on getting the dungeon in & working properly with a reasonable balance.

The chest currently only has 7 “level of …” affixes while the helm has 8 & relic 9 so I’d assume it’d go on the chest.

I’d assume so yes, but probably not before Xmas.

And because it’s nearly Xmas, you can have another one completely free!

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