No respawn after dying on waypoint with map open

After dying on a waypoint with the map open, but prior to having selected a destination or teleporting, get stuck in a loop of respawn and map screens, with no actual respawn occurring.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Click on a waypoint with enemies trailing, but do not select a destination, and let enemies kill character.
  2. Exit map screen and/or select destination, which opens a screen with respawn button.
  3. Click respawn button, which opens a map screen to select destination (endless loop of 2/3).

Traveling to a new destination will send to a loading screen, which then opens to a respawn screen. Clicking respawn starts the loop over.

In some cases, appears as character has respawned and can move with the respawn overlay staying open. Hitting escape can potentially break the loop at this point however, disconnecting and exiting game seem to be simplest immediate solution.

Have reproduced on multiple characters, maps/waypoint, and several game versions.

Hello ! I encountered the same “bug”. I don’t think this is a bug per say, rather an issue.
I died on a waypoint with the map open too.
When I moused over the respawn button, this button was positioned right on the waypoint. The two buttons were overlapping.
Therefore, I was selecting the respawn button AND the waypoint at the same time.
You can reproduce this easily by just dying on a waypoint with the map open.
My solution was to adjust zoom level so the two selectable objects were not overlapping anymore. But as long as the waypoint will keep being selectable from the “dead” state, this will happen.