No other quest after The Shard quest line

The title.

After i kill the boss in the Summit zone, i completed the quest. I talked to the old man in the cage, free him and he told me to go back to the Keepers Camp, which i did but no other quest. Might be a bug or i’m missing something…


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I just got the exact same problem. I can’t make progress anymore.
It didn’t happen on my other character, so it must be a bug.

I tried beating the boss a second time, but it didn’t change anything.

Update : i created another character and everything is fine… Probably i went AFK or a logged off after the Summit quest and when i logged back on i got teleported back in Keeper town, bugging the quest line. That’s my guess. The old man in town teleport you in the next zone.

I have the same issue offline, old man won’t leave cage.

Same issue, can’t progress

I have the same issue. Done it twice now and still has the same problem, sad times!

This is part of the root cause: Massive critical hotfix bug - starting area bugged - cannot play game! - #3 by Zaodon

Also had the same problem.

Same here since yesterday