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No Notice Of Reset Mastery Points; Danger For HC

As there was no notice of the characters mastery points having been reset I just lost my Paladin. Which is fine, but I would’ve appreciated a heads up about the points :sweat_smile:


You cannot “lose” your Paladin just because points are reset… … the passive points can be reset manually to change them and sometimes if the devs revamp passives/skills during a patch, they reset the points spent so that you can respec with whatever change has been made…

They usually announce this with the patch update - and there hasnt been an update for a while that did this - at least not that I recall for Sentinel… I think the last point reset was 2 patches ago - 0.8.4 ish? (i.e. over 6 months).

Perhaps I am not understanding your post?

I hadn’t played for about a year. So I log in and enter a monolith, with no allocated points in my masteries; naturally my character was much weaker because of this. So before I realized the reason for why I was so much weaker, I died. As I said I take this as my own fault for not realizing. No big deal.

However I do feel there should be some visual feedback if you haven’t allocated your points. For whatever reason, whether there’s been a patch or you just forgot you did it yourself.

Yeah, that’s because they heavily reworked the mastery since you played last & therefore respec’d your passives.

But yes, it would be nice if there were a more obvious sign that that had happend, such as a popup to say that your passive points have been respec’d that you’d have to click “ok” on play. That said, I think you get the passive “+” icon in the bottom left when this happens, but it is fairly small.

Ahh… That would definitely be it then… To be honest, so much has changed since you last played that you are probably lucky your char even loaded up… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yah… this is probably the solution - as Llama8 mentioned, it does show the level up icons but I have found that they are not consistent or visually noticeable… Sometimes you can respec things manually and the icon will not come up saying you havent spent all your points or it will appear once and then disappear even though you still have points… same with skills… It works when you naturally level up, but not if things are respec’d and thats probably something the devs should look into… Especially on the off chance they change things like they are probably going to be doing for a good while still…

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