No more quests (stuck in Act 6)

After I retrieved the Sapphire Tablet from ‘The Temporal Sanctum’ (Ruined Era)
and brought it back to ‘The Oracle’s Abode’ (Imperial Era) -
I spoke with Shrine Maiden to finish the quest.
She has thank me for ‘cleansing the water’, I got my XP and the quest has ended.
No new quest has started, nor there is a quest giver anywhere.

I think I saw a " ? " in the same room as Shrine Maiden is but after I spoke with her
and finished the quest I can not see it anymore.

I can talk with Alric.
He says:
“The way she looks at you… have you two met before? Regardless, let’s push forward!”
Only avaliable answer:
“Let’s go.”

It does not change anything.
Still no quest to be seen anywhere on the map.

Please help!

I came back to the ‘The Temporal Sanctum’ - killed the boss again,
and the Tablet is still there with a ’ ? ’ over it.
If I walk onto it, it disappears.

In my quest journal this quest does not appear as Completed nor Failed nor Active.
Like I never picked it up.
I don’t know why since the quest giver says the ending dialog when I try to talk with her.

(Im lvl. 42)

Its been a long time since I last ran the campaign so I cannot recall specifically what the steps are anymore. Can you check this against Tunks reference for all the quests:

They are all there and in order, perhaps it will help confirm exactly where you need to go next - i.e. verify that this is actually a bug and not just a missing quest somewhere.

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I don’t know why I had no directions to Yulia’s Haven but there is a quest there!!!

Thank you so much!

I must’ve somehow missed it…
My bad.

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