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No love for the Spellblade

Nobody has shown love for the Spellblade, so why not throw some in. While personally not my go to type playstyle, it could be a very fun class. From what I read on the class page, I just imagine a battlemage holding a sword and some type of magic shield/orb/tome. Choose which element(s) to buff your weapon with and the ability to use either mana or (energy shield - forget what it’s called in this game) to create a magical barrier to block incoming damage which can be very powerful if used correctly. I didn’t test the sorc much, but I didn’t notice anything obvious that gains this energy shield bar substantially, so maybe this class could essentially constantly gain this and use it as an energy shield type buff/defensive use. Example being the more you have, expend it to create a barrier around you for like 2 seconds. Maybe even less. This is where the balance and skill gap type abilities come into play. In the right hands, timing and managing skills are important. Just a random tid bit though, showing this class love as other games that play like a battlemage were not always popular but essentially over powered in the right hands. Kinda interested in this class, really all the classes, so we’ll see.

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We are in the process of removing the boards for the mastery classes.

I’ve moved this thread from Spellblade to Mage as a courtesy.