No Hide Rule, Loot Not Appearing

I don’t have my filter anymore because I deleted it trying to fix it, but it was:
Emphasized SHOW for All Exalted, Unique, Set
Emphasized SHOW for certain rogue affixes (multishot affixes, armor shred effect/duration)
Show Belts with All Life increasing (flat % hybrid) Suffixes
Show for 110 affixes >= Level 5
Hide all for other classes
Hide all normal/magic/rare items

I keep on not showing things that should. I even simplified the filter to test it but even holding X wont show gear. I see models on the ground though. Unless i hold X and double Z at the same time, nothing displays, and even then it sometimes hides stuff it should show. it hid an item that fit the very first line of my filter which was “SHOW exalted items” even when I did the hold X double click Z it showed up as a small black bar.

I copied the filter, simplified it to a few lines, and even unchecked/deleted the only ‘hide’ lines and the issue remained. Even turning off loot filter wouldn’t get everything to show, random things still aren’t there until I hold X and double tap Z. Chat box says hold x works properly and I even rebound it.Player.log (62.6 KB) Player-prev.log (510.2 KB)

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Maybe the resident loot filter expert @Heavy can help see if this is a bug or not…

For more on loot filtering, see A Basic Guide on how Loot Filter works and how to set up your own Loot Filter and [0.8.5f] Heavy'z Casual Loot Filters for all Classes v2.8

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I just recently heard about some people having issues with not seeing items.
Restarting the game helped for them.

If neither pressing X nor Z solve seeing the items, this clearly sounds like a bug.

We’re investigating this issue internally, thanks for the report!

Just to add to this, besides the not showing bug, random items are completely blank/black boxes with no words, and then random items will be capatilized. These 2 issues are nowhere as big as loot not showing default or with Z/X being pressed. It’s weird that when this bug triggers, it stays in effect till you restart the whole game. Even had it completely bug out after hitting Z that nothing at all would show again till relog, usually from the monolith reward chest it seemed, maybe too many items dropping at once?

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