No F2P / Microtransactions

A big concern about no F2P and Microtransactions is that you player base will not be enormous.

While the Pay Once is great for a large steady income, I feel like as a player base we are going to be limited now, since it won’t be always evolving with a revolving player base.

It is probably too late for this discussion, being we all just paid whatever the going rate was, a fair price around $35.00. but… have been thinking about the games model and how that will limit them the devlopers/and us the players (because of a player base that will go down-hill eventually).

I am sure you have all had major discussions around this ad nausea…
Maybe at the first expansion you could switch to a F2p/Mt model?

Maybe some cosmetics could be lucrative but I suspect the dev team is focusing on core gameplay…

I completely disagree. This is almost exactly like PoE’s model and that is one of the biggest and most successful ARPGs out there. You could argue that PoE model isn’t really that free with stash tabs kinda being a necessity you could easily spend upward of 30+ bucks just to feel comfortable in the game.

I don’t see the LE model being a problem at all. ARPG in general is just a niche community. If LE sticks to creating unique, interesting and good content, players will always continue to play. Leagues and refreshing of leaderboards will always be attractive to a lot of the ARPG community to continue to come every couple of months.


And completely disliked by others.

If they don’t make any more money with the game they’ll simply stop developing it like everyone else. If the introduce game changing MTX and if it’s only for stash tabs people will go crazy. I think they have a plan and will follow it and fanboys who like a game a looooot throw a ton of money on devs where PoE is the best example again… hundrets of bugs for csometics :smiley: I always lough my butt off when I see people go nuts about this stuff, then again I’m happy about these people because they allow me to play a game that is developed further.

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And completely disliked by others.

Do you notice that PoE has a massive influx of players during every new league drop and attracts some of the biggest streamers on twitch to boss race/get to level 100? Once the race is done majority of players don’t play till the next league. The first month is where majority of players experience the content, race than everyone leaves waiting for the next league. This is why leagues are so awesome, it keeps players coming back and having fun.

The people who don’t like the system are the minority and play the game regardless, which is kinda relevant.

If they don’t make any more money with the game they’ll simply stop developing it like everyone else. If the introduce game changing MTX and if it’s only for stash tabs people will go crazy.

PoE and LE started kinda with the same humble upbringing. Both attract the same base of players in a niche gaming community with a game which a lot of promise. To say LE doesn’t fit the same model PoE started as, it’s kinda silly; they both started out the same. Look at PoE now. In PoE players spend shitload of money on buying high quality cosmetics. The reasons they buy them vary from tipping the devs, saying thanks for the content, wanting to look cool, etc. GGG proved that if you make good looking products players will support the game by buying it. Imo LE model is even slightly better going down the line where you don’t even need to buy stash tabs; which is one of the main complaints that players have about the game (from what I heard LE plans to not put stash tabs as a paid feature which is awesome).

To be fair also if you are not the ones who are into cosmetics no one is forcing you to buy anything. Just pay for the 35$ game and play the way you want to play. If you want to support the company more throw some dollars at a cool looking armor set as a tip.

That is not exactly true. I played about a year ago, only got to level 30 or so and picked it up recently and am only level 47. The game has been totally free for me except for 40pts (about $4) on a premium stash tab. Not at all the numbers you are implying.

However, to my originally point, I am one of thousands who even played the game, because it was “FREE”.

We will see how it turns out, POE and LE did not start out the same, not at all. I paid overall $5 for PoE, and $35 for LE (beta).

i’d prefer they make money through any means other than selling actual leaderboard affecting power, that way the game gets development past release.

We all agree on the same thing, we just want to see a game that has potential to be developed for 7, 8, 9 years.

I had a co-worker play poe for the first time a couple weeks ago and he even mentioned he throw money at the game just to get more tabs and currency tabs.

I don’t think you are the majority. If you are a player who is interested to playing PoE end game from league to league i would find it highly unusual for you to have not paid a cent for the game. PoE makes hella profits are from microtransactions and league starter packs; if it wasn’t a good business model i would guarantee you they would find other ways to force players to pay to play their game. But they don’t need to and their game is booming.

You are arguing my point. LE should use the same model, otherwise there will not be the same number of players / economy etc.

The model isn’t immutable, if the concerns take life then changes can be made - P2P to F2P after a few years is almost the standard nowadays.


Path of exile in it’s development was almost completely community funded, this was because they hit the right time period where they found their niche appeal with ex-diablo players. I cannot find any other game example that matches their success. Now everything is different since then. There is hundreds of kick starters happening all the time which try to hit the same market with little success also trying to get the same draw as PoE did in their beginning. PoE was just lucky af to be able to support themselves the way they did and find a solid footing to be able to be COMPLETELY supported by the model they have, which is GREAT. Last Epoch is not LESS of a game for not having the same model. I am not going to sit here and judge what the developers in this game need to do to feed themselves and fund this amazing game for us to experience. No other game out there really matches PoE model but Last Epoch if they get it right would be a great second with the things I have been hearing.

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you guys know there will be mtx too right? it is buy to play and then free updates and mtx cosmetics. No mtx QOL


To follow-up on what Rimed has already said;

  • When Last Epoch is officially launched there will be a free trial with a level cap of 20.
  • The game is expected to cost $15USD at release.
  • There will be an MTX store that will only sell cosmetic items.

But we paid $30+ what is the benefit of the higher price, besides early access?

As it says on the Steam store page;

You may or may not have noticed that all Steam buyers receive the Ardent Gladiator supporter pack which grants you more than just the game:

  • Immediate Access: Play the Beta and Finished Game
  • Ardent Gladiator Forum Badge
  • 350 Cosmetic Points
  • Last Epoch Sound Track at Release
  • Juvenile Skullen cosmetic pet

We can buy stahstabs with ingame currency. For me it’s already cheaper then PoE because I tend to hoard good stuff that is useable on certain levels to just improve alt level speed. That’s already a benefit for me. To make things clear: Everyone who is toying arround with the 3 standard stash tabs in PoE isn’t realy playing the game from my point of view because maps and currencys will already fill up 2 pages and I can’t even remember if you can buy and sell from the standard stashes.


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