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No Download Link

Hi I bought the $10 pack but I do not see a download link for the alpha. Please help

I think you need Elder?

No you need ancient at least.

The Elder Supporter pack was the $50 KickStarter pack which included alpha access.

All of the alpha packs are named Ancient _______, and only those at $50 or higher include alpha access.

I am a supporter and have only old link not new, Help please!

I believe this was sorted by e-mail, sorry for not responding to your post before now!

hello i try to make post about issue but i cannot, thus i am here. can you help me, i backed kickstarter for elder $50 and did the survey but i cannot download link, pls help

Thanks for sending in the KickStarter reward survey!

I’ve processed this for you now. :slight_smile:

Hi just got the ancient centurion. Where is the download link available?

They should be available on your profile page.