No change of direction possible when using Arcane Ascendance with a Controller

Hi, I’m currently playing a Sorcerer with Arcane Ascendance and using a Controller. Basically it works great. But as soon as you use Arcane Ascendance, following problem occurs:

You can only cast spells in the character’s line of sight. It’s also not possible to turn the character on the spot or anything like that.

If you are playing with mouse and keyboard, you can at least turn on the spot in the same situation and cast spells in all directions.

I have already tested with the controller whether it helps to move the mouse cursor to the desired position using the right stick. Unfortunately, this does not help.

Running in Bear form with the Druid on a controller has then same problem. You cannot control the direction.

Confirmed. Pretty game breaking bug for most sorcerer build on controller / console.

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