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No 21:9 resolution/ultrawide support?

just bought the game (beta) on Steam and was saddened that it doesn’t support 21:9 resolutions (just stretched 16:9). Am I missing something? I’ve tried windowed and full screen at 3440x1440 and still nothing. My memory may be getting bad but I’m pretty sure the Alpha supported this resolution.
A possible fix for the future?

I would be interested in a fix for this as well. 2560 x 1440 was only stretching or showing the bordering side bars.

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There’s a bug were the resolution changes to something else in my case it looks like 1600x1024 but the selection says 2560x1440
Fix/work around change resolution to anything other than the resolution you want and back again. You need to do this every time you go to character select screen.

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I managed to get the right aspect ration by doing exactly what you stated and thanks for the info regarding repeating the action every time you go to character select.

Ultrawide works perfectly to my system. 2560*1080

Seems to work as a stretched window in fullscreen exclusive. and a box shape in fullscreen window, using 2560x1440 on a 2070 Max Q with a 32GK850G monitor Gsync enabled.

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