Ninja Patch?

So steam just queued me to download another patch. Was there a clandestine sneak drop today?

I’d already downloaded 0.9.2a when it hit and there doesn’t seem to be a steam patch about anything after that?

Nothing new downloaded for me and I still cannot launch the game through Steam - have to run the exe.

Hi, do you get the same problem?

I just restarted my PC and now I can’t open the game. It was fine earlier and I was able to play for a few hours. Opening through exe doesn’t work for me either.

Edit: I didn’t get a patch either like the OP said.
Edit 2: I restarted Steam twice and it fixed it for me, magically.

Yip… Identical.

If you check Event viewer and the player.log files mine points to a problem with a GPU driver dll. I have updated to the latest for my nvidia GPU and that seemed to allow me to start from the exe but I still cannot launch from within Steam. I did log a bug report with the necessary logs etc.

Edit: reboots dont seem to affect it for me.

Oh, somehow restarting steam 2x fixed it for me and I didn’t have to reboot PC. Weird.

But I found this in the Problem signature: P4: nvwgf2umx.dll. There are other stuff there too but I’m kinda afraid those might be sensitive data.

Yip thats the same dll error for me. Nothing much in the Event viewer is too sensitive but its also probably not worth anything.

I recall that we had a similar problem like this a few years ago where Steam wouldnt run but you could run via the exe… I am hoping this is not an old bug that has crept back into the game - there unfortunately seem to be a few that have - which is worrying…

EDIT: trying to restart Steam multiple times made no difference to mine… Still cannot launch it from within Steam.

That kinda sucks… Hmmm, I don’t know if this is related to this or is going to help or contribute but the thing I was doing before I launched LE was uninstalling/reinstalling my LAN drivers. But yeah it’s probably has nothing to do with it at all. Have you updated your GPU driver?

Well that sucks. I’m not having an any issues running mine in stream, it was just odd to see an update with no announcement. Honestly have no clue what it did.

On your issue though that’s really bizarre and I agree, hope it’s not an old bug again.

Gpu update - yip. usually my first port of call

LAN drivers - unlikely but sometimes it can be a windows update too. Steam itself did have a recent update for me but I unfortunately dont recall the sequence (i.e. if it updated before or after my LE problem appeared) but maybe it could be something like that too.

Yeah, I am not immediately concerned by this issue as I seem to have found a workaround that solves it for now

After browsing the bug forum, it does seem like there are quite a few bugs that are either identical to old ones that I thought were fixed already or the new bugs are suspiciously similar to old issues we have had and again were fixed a while ago. Obviously I dont have any insight into the dev setup at EHG, but it really seems like either some old code commits are missing or someone rolled back something a little too far and we are getting silly old bugs again.