Next patch Pre Pre guess stuff?

Hey All,

Its been 32 days since patch 0.7.5 and since patches have been arriving in 4-6 week increments we should be seeing 0.7.6 anytime in the next couple of weeks, that being said

What all do you guys think is coming or would like to see? 3 things i want to see/hope come (besides better animations with skills) are
1)Eternal Blessing skill tree for beastmaster
2)Rune Master for mage
3)An additional end game system (anyone of the planned ones would be ok)

Since there was PAX, and you need to prepare for it, I think you can postpone the waiting period for at least a week.

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We’ll be talking about Patch 0.7.6 more soon - there’ll be one post about it later this evening, and I’m sure we’ll be getting around to a #patch-preview thread at some point. I’ll keep an eye on this thread, and if anyone guesses right I’ll give them a :wink: emoji.

We did have staff taking some time off over Christmas & New Year’s, as well as recently having some folks away at PAX South - it’s unlikely that 0.7.6 will contain any Phase 4 stuff.

edit: Other than balance changes.

A list of balance changes for 0.7.6 doesn’t exist yet, and it’s not really in the spirit of the thread.

Ok. So here’s my guess:
Legendary items and crafting improvements :thinking::smirk:

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  1. Melee Critical strike chance affix gets a nerf
  2. Harvest gets a nerf
  3. Reaper form gets a hp nerf but it will decay slower to compensate
  4. Sacrifice gets a nerf
  5. Pet classes get a buff by increasing the pet affixes dramatically but have them on fewer slots to allow for more gearing choices.
  6. Glancing blows is changed to reduce a lower amount of damage along with some type of affix change where 7-8 affix slots are not needed to reach 100%.
  7. One of the healing/buff spells finally gets a skill tree.
  8. Leech on damage done gets a nerf.
  9. Passive points on quests are more evenly distributed in the acts instead of concentrated in the first few.
  10. Crafting bug fixes and qol adjustments
  11. Primalist in general gets a survival buff.
  12. Either some new content or a new class released.
  13. Nothing on multiplayer yet.
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I want an emojis from sarno so my guess is buyback is coming!

  1. Atleast one, maybe two new skill trees to play around in.
  2. Buy back from vendor
  3. Slight performance optimizations
  4. more set items (green loot) of low and high level.

i hope its more legendaries of low and high level not set items, but i guess ill take either, i would like 1 viable end game set (by end game wave 300 + push with)

yes indeed! hope those are incoming soon for us heavy testers.

Eternity Cache

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cheats :rage:

(hey, it is an emoji…)

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Oof no eternity cache confirmed :frowning:

(No :wink:s for ‘guessing’ something in the Patch Preview thread. :stuck_out_tongue: )

So your saying theres more than what youve shared? Oh boy

A new skill tree

A new class mastery

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