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Hi all,just founded this game watchin random videos on the tube!I have a simple question,is this game on Amrican servers?or is it on Europe?

When the game is officially released we’ll have servers in both.

Currently the game is in the alpha stage of development and primarily client-side.

Another thing i forgot to ask,can i play Alpha/beta via any supporter pack or i have to buy a specific one for that?

Welcome to LE,
the game is currently in Alpha so the cheapest supporter Pack to enter Alpha is the “Ancient Champion Pack”.
If you want to go a bit cheaper you can buy “Ancient Gladiator Pack” and wait for the start of the Beta in April.
If you want you can also purchase the Gladiator Pack now and contact support via Mail if you want to Upgrade your pack to Champion if you cant wait :smiley:

Bought Champion pack,i think this game we’ll be worth it.I hope that my little support can help in someway.Keep up the good work!

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definatly worth it

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