New Zoomed-in Camera + Perspective Feels Bad

Took a break from LE for a few months and came back to see that the player’s camera:

  • Has a new “tilted” perspective
  • Is more zoomed-in than it was before

Does anyone else feel as though the old camera settings were much better? Everything feels so much closer – more so than any other ARPG I’ve played – and the game isn’t as enjoyable.

I’d love to see a return of the old camera settings!

Hi welcome to the forum! <3

I did not notice any change, are you sure your settings did not change somehow?

It has been some time but the camera used to be zoomed in much less and the perspective was more “top-down” rather than tilted. Nowadays the camera is more akin to PoE, but perhaps with even more zoom.

I havent noticed any camera changes and I have been here for years.

No, the camera hasn’t changed. What were you playing during your break?

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