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New weapons / weapons wanted ingame

I started a glacier build, got to end game, and realized there were no ice specific wands. Used the ice sceptre but felt kinda weird using a melee weapon for spell casting. Was curious as to if there are / will be plans to add more weapon bases to cover the full spectrum of spell types? Is there a place for ideas or like a forum post somewhere that I missed about if/when we are getting new weapons?

Hey, welcome to the community!

There are some damage type specific wands during levelling (with lower level requerements but also low added damage). So you’re best with using the prophecy wand, which is the base type with the highest ‘Adaptive Spell Damage’, scepter can roll a bit higher, but don’t grant ‘-3 spell mana cost’. This means that all flat damage gets added to all spells and gets converted to the skills damage type (see scaling tags on the skills tooltip).
There also is a unique scepter with added cold spell damage.
If your using a wand or a scepter or whatever doesn’t matter in the end if you can build around their pro’s and con’s.

100%. thats what I ended up doing (rolled a sweet t7 prophecy wand on a drop, crazy excited). Post was more about if / when we are getting new weapons. Like if we know what and when, or if its just up to whatever they working on…if they are workin on it

For spells, the adaptive spell damage on wands/sceptres/staves automatically gets converted to the relevant damage element. For melee you can craft flat added damage of the relevant element onto the weapon.