New void knight transformation

“Corrupted conscious” - transform into a corrupted void knight. Turning purple, becoming 10% larger, and gaining 4 new skills (not specalized) while transformed you gain 1% void leech per second and lose 1% mana per second. All skills cost 0 mana you habe no mana regen. You revert to human form at 0 mana.

New 4 skills are

  1. void rupture(spell) creates a void vortex that sucks enemies in each second them knocks them out.

  2. void spike(melee) hit the ground and raise spikes in an area around you.

  3. void aura(spell) puts an aura around you that deals void damage over time. Kills while transformed have a chance to create another void aura

  4. void ripple (spell) every hit you take gives you a void charge. Discharge release a ripple (void wave) in a circle around you dealing more damage for each saved charge.

I’d like to see what the Abyssal Form is like & maybe buff that a bit more before adding new forms.

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I thought the abyssal form was just a buff for mana regen?

It has some movement & attack/cast speed buff nodes behind it. It would be nice if they could change those nodes so it’s a viable alternative to just going right on Abyssal Echoes. Though it would also need some way to keep it proc’d on bosses (like chance to proc on hit against bosses as well as transform on kill).

Yeah I still want the visual appearance as well lol. Call me a sucker for art


Yeah, it does call for a graphical transformation, bigger size, more purple-y.

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I’m a huge fan of these kind of visual gimmicks, too. I suggested to address the appearance of abysmal form a long time ago. I got an answer that they do not have this planned.

But it’s been a while since then so maybe this opinion may have changed.

So bump for the abysmal form visual transformation.

Also like the OP idea. :grin:

Not sure if that’s a typo, a Freudian slip or an indictment of the Abyssal Form buffs… IMO, it should have a chance to proc on hitting a rare/boss & give some more interesting effects. Maybe an additional 10% chance to echo (taking the VK up to 50% at max). Or something else timey-wimey.

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Oh man… that’s just my autocorrect on my smartphone. But I have to admit that it looks like a cool pun :grin:

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