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I have built some nice loot filters in game that make my gaming a little easier. However, there is a minor quality I would like to add. How much vendor gold per square (size). I can kind of get around this by selecting item type, level, and number of affixes. It isn’t a perfect match. There isn’t a lot of time to analyze when spires are dropping fire around you. P.S., loving the game.

Are you saying you want the filter to block things based on value per square in your inventory? There doesn’t seem to be any reason to pick things up just to sell, the value of items is too low. The time it takes for you to vendor things you could have made more gold just playing.


I want to have a filter that lets me see the things that are of value to pick up. Every gold piece counts and I have for inventory space to go to waste. My bags should be spilling over when I’m done. I would rather highlight vendor trash that is worth 50g/space (say a 300g chest piece vs a 100g head piece). It’s about efficiency. And I learned in the beginning, the more you vendor, the more you make. All the data is in the attributes for the item. Expose it as a filter. They are at the bottom of my list.

Then you should be ignoring the drops that you can’t use or craft to be an upgrade and carry on killing more mobs quicker. The vendor value of rares isn’t going to be anywhere near the figures you gave (& I know they were just an example). The only things that vendor for triple digits are uniques/sets and arena keys, rares will be double digit at best.

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I did some trial runs today. I’ve been picking up about 28% more gold with the extra vendor trash. That’s nothing to sneeze at. And that’s including only my vendor trash filters. Space gets very expensive.

What were the “vendor trash” items you were picking up valued at?

I have 3 general cats of filters. #1 is “god” mode gear. #2 is a combo of rare affixes and specific affixes to classes. #3 is the vendor trash. I selected categories that I think bring the greatest value per bag space. Multiple affixes, > L 50, rarity. If I’m at running through, I would like to know that chest piece is 300g and worth my time to pick up. I do not leave the battlefield with empty space in my bags if I can help it. It’s more gold in the end.

The proof is in the data. I’m working on a methodology that you can use yourself to prove it. Unfortunately, the forum won’t let me upload a pic of my spreadsheet.

  1. Record character gold before running an echo
  2. Record char gold after the run is completed successfully. Do not vendor. This is the gold earned for the run only. Also, do not open chest or break loot piñata crystal to keep data clean. Still working on this one because gold nodes should be the exception. Work in progress to hammer down the methodology.
  3. Dump inventory to ground and pic up the vendor loot gear only and sell it. That gives the final value for comparison.

I ran lvl 65 echoes to open a buff. I assume higher echoes will have greater loot value.

In summary, 8 runs landed me with 18,475g just for being there and winning. It does not include gold or arena nodes (WIP). Those same runs netted me 7,307g from purely vendor trash I picked up on my way through. I am not counting god gear or special affixes in the pile. For this sample run, I increased my gold by 28% by filling my bags.

I will continue to refine my process. 8 runs is not statistically significant (power is too low). Probably need to do 100+ runs. That will be a long weekend. Labor Day is coming up :slight_smile:

You should also account for the time spent. If you’re getting 30% more gold per echo but spending 50% more time per echo, you end up with less gold per unit time than just relying on gold drops.

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