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New Unique Items | Coming in Depths of Eterra Update

I’ll be honest. I never saw or made any good hybrid build, because at the end it was always better to focus on one type, sadly. I wish i could make a hard hitting/crit fire build that also provides big ignite dmg. Yes, thats how it works in PoE…but…its a good design. Most of the hard hitting skills have slow base speed, and for stacking ailment/dot dmg you need attack/cast speed.
But maybe i’m wrong.


Sentinel can only DW with sword in the off-hand no?

Edit: Darn, I missed my opportunity to be the first to correct Llama, sad day


I couldnt ever see myself using any of these uniques

Singularity and chronicles both look cool, though im not sure if they have staying power/build around.

I love non crit options would love to see some more to add around singularity.


(post deleted by author)

Those are increased not “more” though. The unique idol is a more multiplier.

I’m sure there will be a use or two for it.

(post deleted by author)

If you only have a single source of increased and a single more modifier then yes they would appear to act the same, however in Last epoch there are tons of increased sources and tons of More modifiers the difference is increased all get ADDED together and MORE modifiers get Multiplied together.

In other words, the more increased damage you have the more dimishing returns you have using an increased damage idol, where as with a MORE damage idol it would still be an overall 12% increase in total damage output.

If you throw on a 18% Increased damage idol when you already have 300-400% increased damage your output damage will not go up by 18%.

Im not great at explaining this stuff. see @Llama8 for further breakdown.

1 + (Sum of increased) x More 1 x More 2 etc.

This means regardless of how much damage you have before singularity, after you always have 12% more.

The game guide covers this, if you hit G in game you can find a run down of increased vs more.

Because increases add onto one another if you already had 100% increased, getting 18% increased is going from a 2 multiplier to a 2.18 multiplier, which results in a 1.09 or 9% relative damage increase, singularity is better then it, and generally builds get much higher increased % values.

Thats not to say singularity is fantastic, its just a way for non crit builds to get some extra scaling without them being better then crit builds since crit builds need to use up more affixes and thus are rewarded with higher damage.

Like the looks of that Mace & Bow… always eagerly awaiting new loot… :wink:

I appreciate you doing something for vengeance. I hope it sees some love apart from that unique and you give it a slight buff. Also i would be thankful if you can make some changes to iron blade.

It’s more damage, not increased.

Edit: apparently everyone else has explained it better… All sources of increased damage are added together then applied, all sources of more damage are applied separately. So two lots of 50% increased damage would give you (50% + 50% = 100% increased damage), two lots of 50% more damage would give you (1.5 × 1.5 = 2.25 damage multiplyer).

Given that builds often have around 1,000% total increased damage at end game, an additional 12% increased is only 1.2% incremental benefit but 12% more is always 12% incremental.

The new bow is quite interesting for umbral blades spam builds. The extra smoke bomb + buff from HoA will massively increase damage from dusk shroud stacks.
skills would look like this

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I can already theorycraft some op noncrit builds in my head.

Singularity sounds awesome.

“Renegades Will” looks fine. Now we need something that also increase AS(max 10) per hit and i can make a Frenzy Sentinel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hmmm, interesting…

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Cmon yall, PLEASE! Make a bow, which gives crit MULTIPLIER… You give the rogue the ability to have permanent crit, but you give no tools which amplify that, instead everything is crit chance, which is completely useless. Seriously dissapointing reveal for the bow.

There is a Bow Base, with crit multiplier and you can craft crit multi on bows as well.

OK, so lets look at the numbers then.

Dreadthorn Bow compared to Obsidian Bow

Base attack speed is 12.2% faster, which is then multiplied by all your modifiers, it ends up being a massive difference in attack speed. Lets say, you have 30% increased attack speed. (.98 x 1.3 = 1.274) vs (1.1 x 1.3 = 1.43) You can see that this quickly becomes an issue after investing heavily into attack speed. Lets look at flurry as a skill, it can give you 65% attack speed from talents when fully stacked. (1.617 vs 1.815) Combined with the physical damage modifier on the bow, it ends up out performing the crit base by a large margin even though it has a slightly lower base damage value. I did a ton of testing on this, and not only do the numbers for the skill dps not lie, but it just plain felt underwhelming compared to the obsidian.

Now, lets look at what UNIQUE versions of these bows we can get… Flight of the First which has two useful stats for a marksman, movement speed and the crit avoidance. The crit chance stuff is all useless, we have absolutely NO need for crit chance when you consider the Wound Maker passive skill. You can easily get to 100% crit after a few hits on an enemy.

Ok, then the next bow… oh yeah. There are no unique versions of the Obsidian bow. If there was a unique version of the Obsidian Bow, which synergized with attack speed and crit multiplier, it could be a contender for top tier in the slot.

There is a massive void for unique items which synergize with crit multiplier and attack speed. Which IMO, is the core phantasy of any ranger class. I want to be turned into legolas on steroids, firing off tons of arrows while being extremely mobile and devestating from range. You know, like an actual marksman should be. Embrace the talents they are providing us, and make things that synergize with the marksman tree. They really need the love.

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Chronicles of the Damned and Singularity Idol looking interesting!